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  • Eligible claims are paid according to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
  • Claims are processed automatically when you use your benefit card at participating pharmacies, dentists, optometrists, and health care providers (like physiotherapists and massage therapists).
  • Eligible expenses are paid by direct deposit or cheque to the policy owner or a service provider.
  • To get the best possible benefit claim experience, register online and sign up for a direct deposit. 

Read on for helpful claim details from each of our insurance policies.

GMS (Group Medical Services):

GMS requires a completed claim form, original itemized receipts including your name, GMS ID number, date and details of service, as well as physician referral where indicated. Claims must be submitted within 12 months from the date of service and no later than 30 days following the expiry date of the policy.

NOTE: Pharmacies, dentists as well as health and vision practitioners (ex. Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Optometrist) can directly bill GMS for covered expenses, using your pay-direct card. See eClaims Provider Locator to find health and vision service providers near you.

GMS Replacement Health Drug Lookup Tool


Sun Life:

Sun Life must receive eligible claims within 12 months of the date the eligible expense was incurred. Claims submitted more than 12 months after the expense was incurred are not eligible. If the policy ends, Sun Life must receive all eligible claims within three months of the policy end date. More Info.



Full written proof of claim satisfactory to Manulife must be submitted within 12 months from the date charges are incurred. More info.